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Become a Member of the Penn State Centre Stage Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors of PSCS serves as the liaison between the administration of the theatre and the community.

As such, the Board represents the needs and wants of the community to the theatre administration and advocates for the theatre to the community. Gift planning offers you the chance to give to Penn State now or after your lifetime, helping you align your charitable giving with your overall financial and estate plans. Many giving options even offer you financial benefits, allowing you to make the greatest impact on our students while maintaining the future security of you and your loved ones. Thank you for considering a gift to Penn State!

General Board Information

What is the function of the Centre Stage Board?

The Board of Centre Stage focuses most of its effort on Fundraising, Audience Development, Special Events, and Advocacy..  Additionally, Board Members serve as “ambassadors” in the community, and assist in audience development, help organize, develop and execute opening night dinners and other celebratory functions, and support the theatre operation in ways that are both necessary and helpful.

One key difference between the Centre Stage Board and many other non-profit boards is that Centre Stage’s Board serves in an advisory capacity only. While the theatre is extraordinarily dependent on the board for its support and assistance, the legal and fiduciary responsibility for Penn State Centre Stage rests with the university.

What will be expected of me as a Board Member?

Each Board Member serves on a committee.  The Board committees are Audience Development and Special Events, Development (Annual and Corporate Giving), Opening Nights Reception, and Nominating and Bi-Laws.  Each committee works with a member of the staff of the theatre to accomplish its work and support the activities of the theatre.

The Board and committees meet monthly September through July; attendance is expected of all Board Members.  Committees meet as needed to accomplish their work.  The Executive Committee meets as necessary September through July.

Am I expected to fundraise?

All Board Members are expected to make a contribution of some sort to the development effort of the theatre.  While for some this may mean direct solicitation, for others it can mean providing names of suggested contacts, signing a letter written by the development office, etc.  The level of your fundraising activity expectations will be discussed with you prior to accepting a position on the Board.

What about social obligations?

There are a number of events associated with the theatre that are scheduled throughout the year.  While Board Members are not specifically required to attend, the expectation is that each Board Member will attend as many as are appropriate and possible for the individual member.  It is hoped that board members will participate in the opening night festivities and all other functions associated with the plays.

Events are planned to be “fun” rather than a chore for the Board and serve to heighten community awareness of the theatre.

We hope this gives you a general idea of the Centre Stage Board expectations.  Most of all, we are a group of people who work together, and have fun together, in support of one of our community’s finest arts programs. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Penn State Centre Stage board, please email John Hook, nominating committee chair, at

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