Acting and Theatre Studies Requirements


1. Apply for admission online at STUDENTS SHOULD APPLY TO THE THEATRE B.A. DEGREE. Priority consideration for freshmen admission to University Park is given to complete applications filed by November 30. 

ALL AUDITIONS AND INTERVIEWS FOR ALL PROGRAMS MUST BE SCHEDULED BY FEBRUARY 1 AND COMPLETED BY FEBRUARY 18. ALL auditions will take place on our University Park campus in State College, PA. We do recommend that you submit materials and schedule an audition prior to November 30 for the best availability of your selected date. Admission to programs in the Penn State School of Theatre include both a talent review and an academic review by Penn State Undergraduate Admissions. Both must be favorable to gain admission into the program. 

2. Upload the required materials. All materials must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your preferred interview date for students interested in acting. Students who are interested in the theatre studies option will not schedule an audition, but will still be required to upload their materials including the essay or five pages of original dialogue (if interested in playwriting).

- Headshot
- Resume
- Contact information for two references
- Essay (Essay prompt will be provided when you upload your materials)
- Video of two contrasting pieces, less than three minutes total for both

Prepare two contrasting monologues from plays. At least one of the pieces must be contemporary/modern—from a play written after 1950. Contrasting can mean one piece is comedic, and the other is serious/dramatic. It can mean one is contemporary, and the other is classical. The total time for the two pieces together must be under 3 minutes.
Some Advice and Considerations as you Prepare:
• By “classical”, we mean plays written before 1900. This might include Shakespeare, Shaw, Chekhov, Wilde, Moliere, Behn, Sophocles, etc.
• The pieces ought to differ in tone/color/nature enough that our faculty get to learn two different things about who you are as an actor and what you bring to the table.
• Choose material that is close to your age range. Within 10 years of your actual age is acceptable.
• Choose material in which a character is actively trying to change another character, or the audience. Strongly consider avoiding story monologues, as the temptation is to focus on becoming emotional, as opposed to trying to change another person.
• Consider avoiding pieces for which a dialect is required.
• We strongly advise you to work with a coach or a teacher as you prepare.
• Please ask your teacher or coach about questions on any of these items!

Theatre Studies:
- Headshot
- Resume
- Contact information for two references
- Essay (Essay prompt will be provided when you upload your materials)


  • Select one significant theatre artist of the 19th or 20 century (playwright, actor, director, choreographer, etc). Write a well-researched (minimum 5 sources, only 2 of which can be on-line) document of 3-5 pages in length, describing the contribution(s) of your chosen artist to the world and to the world of the theatre.Please be aware that grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important. Your paper should include citations of your sources for all quoted or paraphrased material.Please use the MLA citation method. (You can Google "MLA Citation" and "MLA parenthetical citation" to find this on-line free of charge.) Your introduction should include an explanation of why you chose this artist to research.


ON YOUR AUDITION DATE (for students interested in the acting option):
All students will interview with the faculty as well as participate in movement session on our University Park campus here in State College, PA. Interviews will focus on the student’s past theatre experience as well as the essay and selected area of interest. Movement sessions will be led by faculty. The exercises in the classes provide the opportunity for the faculty to see how the applicant embraces new experiences, take risks, and adapts to instruction. We are looking for eagerness, commitment, and openness not necessarily expertise. Please dress comfortably in clothes that allow movement. You will be barefoot for the movement class. 

Will participate in a movement session in addition to performing one of your submitted monologues as chosen by the head of our acting program. (no longer than a total of three minutes). 

Acting Audition Dates 2016-2017: 
December 3, 2016
January 14, 2017
February 4, 2017
February 18, 2017


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