Interview with Rebecca Miller (’06), Founder of Event Music Concierge

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What is Event Music Concierge?

Event Music Concierge works one-on-one to help people book music for special events. The service itself is complimentary, and is ideal for couples planning weddings, event planners working on large corporate events, families throwing private parties, or even restaurants looking to enhance their musical ambiance. Booking Music Just Got Easier.

What inspired Event Music Concierge?

The idea came about as more and more of my friends were getting engaged, and had no clue where to start in booking music. It dawned on me that most people have never gone through that process before. There are so many questions: "Do we want a band or a DJ?" "Do we want a 5-piece jazz band, an 11-piece cover band, or a 20-piece orchestra, and what in fact IS a 'piece'?" "Oh wait, they don't just show up and play, they need equipment and a sound engineer, too?" When you come from a performance background, you have a certain vision of how things will sound in certain scenarios, and are familiar with the performance contracts. I realized a need to create a service that bridged the gap between artists and those looking to book them, a truly transparent agency. 

What kinds of artists are you looking for?

An infinite range of artists! The more talented and unique artists I have in the Event Music Concierge family, the better my business becomes. Event planners will come directly to me asking for new acts; I am most valuable to them when I can present them ideas they have not even thought of. The more incredible people I can draw from, the better off everyone is. So anything from a super tight cover band to a DJ/drum duo to a swing band, to non-musical entertainment like dancers, live painters, photo booths.

How can you help Penn Staters, and how can they learn more about what you do?

If you are looking to book work, contact me! I am so easy to talk to, I swear! Tell me what you're up to. Not only will I be a cheerleader for you, but I'd love to get you bookings. I work non-exclusively with all acts and try to make the process super artist-friendly. If you want some advice on your contracts, I can help spruce them up to protect your best interests. Or, if you are interested in helping me grow the company on the business side, we can talk about that, too! 

A great example: I learned about a year ago that Penn Stater Addi McDaniel had created a company to write custom love songs for weddings, Surprise the Bride, and she was actively playing in a band. A month ago, I signed up as a vendor at an event called The Big Fake Wedding, and was contracted to supply the Ceremony Music. Knowing what she's been up to, and that she plays ukulele, I asked her to represent my company at the event. She was a fantastic choice because her musical style was so unique, and the event planners raved about her. The whole thing was featured on The Today Show, and I'm now working on multiple bookings for her. It's been fabulous to reconnect!  

​What advice do you have for Penn Staters working in the industry?

There is so much you cannot control in this industry, but the one thing you can? Your reputation. Be someone people are psyched to work with. It's not just about showing up on time, showing up prepared; it's about bringing ideas to the table, keeping away from the drama, and making yourself valuable. And just as important, whatever this means to you—make a conscious choice to be grateful.

What's an important lesson you've learned since you've been out of school?

There is no one "right" path. I've learned to let go a bit and have more trust. The things I envisioned for myself haven't come to be, or if they did, they were in insanely different forms. I never thought, while at 8 a.m. tap class at Penn State, that I'd eventually see my name and my own record label listed in Billboard. Geez, I never thought I'd write a song, for that matter. I never thought I'd step away from performing full-time to be a full-time business owner. The surprises are certainly an incredible part of the ride!  

Anything you've learned from Penn State that you carry with you?

Simple: If you can make it through those winters, you can make it anywhere.

Complex: The friendships and bonds born at Penn State will only strengthen as time goes by.

The Real Deal: As good as Ben & Jerry's is from a bodega, there ain't nothing like Alumni Swirl from the Creamery.

website: eventmusicconcierge.com

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Connect with Rebecca: Facebook.com/EventMusicConcierge, @Music_Concierge (Twitter) eventmusicconierge (Instagram)


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