After September 1, 2017:

Apply for admission online at HTTP://ADMISSIONS.PSU.EDU. Priority consideration for freshmen admission to University Park is given to complete applications filed by November 30. Your application must be complete (submitted online, and your high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores are here) to receive a prescreen decision. Log into your MYPENNSTATE account to check your application status.

Applying  for Penn State’s B.F.A. in Acting is a PRESCREEN - 

Step 1:
All students interested in auditioning for the Acting B.F.A. must submit the following via digital upload HERE.
- Headshot/Photo
- Resume
- Essay Response: "Why do you want to be an actor?"
Video Requirements: 
- Two contrasting monologues (each no longer than ninety seconds)

Students who are invited to audition with us in person will receive an email confirmation with an invitation to schedule an on-campus audition. Students who submit their prescreen between September 1 and October 15 will receive their prescreen decisions by the end of October. Students who submit their prescreen between October 16 and November 30 will receive their prescreen decisions by the beginning of December. There will be a limited number of audition spots for each audition date. Students are encouraged to submit their materials prior to October 15 for the best choice of audition dates.

The deadline for all video submissions and consideration is November 30, 2017.

Step 2: 
Students who are invited to audition in-person will be contacted prior to their audition and informed which monologue they should have prepared for their audition date. Each audition will consist of:
- Q&A session with current students and faculty
- Full body warm-up
- Group work session and individual auditions
- Short interview


DECEMBER 2, 2017
JANUARY 13, 2018
FEBRUARY 3, 2018
FEBRUARY 24, 2018



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